Who we are

My BPO Business Reviews is the leading BPO advisor company in Delhi, India, and it has kept its position for over 7 years and a half by now. We have absolute authority on Outsourcing, Licensing and KPO/LPO/BPO. We help people to start new bpo call center business. We offer Inbound bpo projects, online data entry projects, call center franchise, part time jobs, work from home and other business opportunities. In the past we have consulted companies and they were all very happy with our services. We specialize in helping Call Centers make a name for themselves, we help them pull through tough times and we do it all so that you can one day become the number one company in India.


My Bpo Business Reviews have been my go-to consultant company for a very long time now for a reason, and that reason is the fact that they’ve never disappointed me. My Bpo Business Reviews are about as professional as it gets, they work day in and day out to do exactly what they promised to offer, which is why I always call them when I need help.

I was a bit nervous at first, but I quickly started to understand why so many people had stated that they loved their experience with My Bpo Business Reviews. I’ve had the pleasure of working with plenty of consultant companies over the years, but none managed to give me the same results as My Bpo Business Reviews.

I’ve been looking into the consultant field for quite a while now and I needed someone to explain the basics so I could understand better. My Bpo Business Reviews have proven more than ready to take on this job. Companies such as My Bpo Business are made once a hundred years, I swear. There has been no instance in which they were caught off guard.